External Airglide Protection

This product is the hardest clear protective finish currently available in today’s market place for the ultimate protection for the vehicles bodywork.

Clay bar

The clay bar treatment removes safely all tree sap, fallout and road film from any vehicles bodywork leaving a smooth back to showroom finish.

Carnauba Waxing

Our Carnauba Wax is one of the hardest most durable wax naturally available and will provide a long lasting protection to your vehicle.

Exterior Ceramic Coating

These coatings offer automotive surfaces protection from acid rain, freezing rain, harsh wash chemicals, direct sunlight and even from light swirls (usually caused by poor washing techniques).

Machine Polishing

This process removes light scratching and swirl marks on the external bodywork of the vehicle and returns the paintwork to as close to showroom as possible.

Full Interior Deep Clean

The full interior clean will clean all interior surfaces from headlining to carpets including seats, mats, boots and door trim. This process will leave your vehicle interior clean and fresh.

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